Mwika Development Trust Fund (MWIDEFU)

S p a r k D e v e l o p m e n t

About Us August 24, 2011





MWIDEFU was officially registered as a non-profit organization in Tanzania in 1994. It was founded by the people Mwika to spark development and to pull the community of Mwika out of poverty.
MWIDEFU is made up of people of Mwika who volunteer their time in the service of their community. It has a skeletal organization consisting of an Executive Chairman (elected for a 3-year term), Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and an Office Manager who doubles as MWIDEFU secretary. The Office manager is its sole staff on payroll.

From time to time, when project implementation requires inordinate amount of time or transport costs, MWIDEFU provides a modest compensation to its volunteers.

Satellite MWIDEFU groups, found in Dar es Salaam and eventually other cities within Tanzania as well as outside the country, provide support with ideas, connections, and contributions.


Harry Kitilya
Commissioner Genera of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and
member of the UN Committee f Experts in International Cooperation in Tax Matters
Mathew Kombe
Director, Sugar Board of Tanzania


Fred Machange
Founder and former Chairman, Tanzania Organic Certification Association and
former Secretary General, MWIDEFU


Dr. John Shao, MD
Former head, KCMC hospital, Moshi
Former Vice-Chancellor, Tumaini University
President, the Rotary Club of Mwika

Herieli Kida – Former Parliamentarian
 Dr. S. S. Kimaro
J. Kombe
Dr. N. E. Kombe
S. S. Lyimo
J. M. Mariki
E. E. Mori
Augustine Mrema – Former Second Vice President of Tanzania and current Parliamentarian representing the Vunjo constituency which includes Mwika
Late Emmanuel Msella – Senior Manager of the National Bank of Commerce, Tanzania
W. E. Mtenga
D. Ngomuo
O. Uiso
E. Urasa



Chairman: Volunteer – Dr. Sadikiel N. Kimaro
Retired economist, International Monetary Fund
Former head, President’s Economic Policy Advisory Unit (PEPAU), the State House, Tanzania
Chairman of the Board, Uchumi Bank, Moshi, Tanzania and a Rotarian 

Vice-Chairman: Volunteer – Rev. John Mlay
Chairman, Mwika Water Association
Retired Lutheran pastor and Chaplain, Vunjo Secondary School and a Rotarian

Treasurer: Volunteer – Ruwaichi Machange
Retired teacher and farmer
Board member, Mwika Secondary School

Office Manager and Secretary – Glory Mlaki 
(the only paid staff) and farmer


Projects and Public Relations: Volunteer – Young Kimaro
Retired economist, World Bank
Columnist for the Daily News, Tanzania,and VP, Rotary Club of Mwika


 Volunteer – Geoffrey Mghase
Mwika South Ward Executive Officer,  farmer and a Rotarian 

Volunteer – Elimsu Towo 
 Constructor, farmer and a Rotarian

Volunteer – Rev. Panga
Pastor, Kondiki parish, Mwika 


Volunteer – Mathias Mongi
Retired teacher and Ward Education Officer and a Rotarian


Volunteer – Thomas Shao
Veterinarian, farmer and a Rotarian

Volunteer – Ebernezer Shao
Leading dairy farmer in Mwika


4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. eva michael undiri Says:

    congratulations for this big step for wana Mwika lets keep it up. One small
    to have some of the information put in swahili? the few areas i managed to
    brouwse are in english.
    best regrds eva undiri/treasurer mwidefu

  2. Geoff Mathis Says:

    I feel so good reading the makeup of the team – have met and worked with most of them over the last 2 years – and yes wonderful progress is being made in Mwika – keep it up!
    I will be back over wearing my “farmer hat” and my “Rotary hat” in two months time – If an individual or community group from around the world wish to financially contribute I can assure you it would be money well spent – no wastage – no clipping of the ticket – all for the benifit of the community.
    Geoff Mathis New Zealand Past District Governor and Farmer.

    • mwika Says:

      Thank you for your vote of confidence, PDG Geoff. We will do our utmost to live up to your expectations and expectations of the people of Mwika.
      MWIDEFU Chairman S. Kimaro

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