Mwika Development Trust Fund (MWIDEFU)

S p a r k D e v e l o p m e n t

Mwika Environment Project II: School Water and Sanitation (2010) April 2, 2012


In a village hall meeting prior to the launch of the project, MWIDEFU chairman made it clear to school heads, school board members and village heads that the community must have

  • already dug ditches for laying water connection pipes from the main to the toilets and kitchen/dining areas
  • latrines and kitchens that are in poor conditions have to be brought up to standards which may involve digging new pits or building new structures.

 Old school kitchens

All 24 primary schools and 5 secondary schools mobilized the school community to meet these conditions and qualified. By end of 2011, all schools in Mwika should have:

  • good latrines with multiple taps outside them for personal hygiene,
  • multiple taps outside dining/kitchen area for hand washing before meals and dishwashing,
  • fuel-efficient and smoke free kitchens with counter top which allows food to be prepared off the floor, and
  • water storage capacity varying from 3,000 – 5,000 lt., depending on location and the size of enrollment.



The Project was support by
the Rotary Clubs of Moshi and Mwika
a consortium of 13 Clubs in the same Rotary District and
a Global Grant from rhe Rotary Foundation (TRF) 


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