Mwika Development Trust Fund (MWIDEFU)

S p a r k D e v e l o p m e n t

Mwika Primary School Tables and Benches October 8, 2011

Mwika Primary is the oldest of 24 primary schools in Mwika.
In 2010, it had 13 teachers for a student body of 300 of which 133 were girls.

According to the Primary School Leaving Exam results
the school has pulled itself up to be ranked among the top 3 in Mwika.


With funding obtain from Bad Königshofen Lions Club in Germany through
the Lions Club of Kilimanjaro in Moshi
the school obtained 16 dining tables and 32 benches which can seat 160 students  at a time

School dining hall before and after

Children at lunch in the newly furnished dining hall

The school library before … and after (with the Head Teacher Gibson Mlay)

and 5 smaller tables and 10 benches for its school library
set up with books received from the World Bank Book Project through MWIDEFU’s Library and Books Projects

According to Mr. Gibson Mlay, its Head Teacher, he had thought the school had been forgotten” till now.”
He is very happy thatat the improvement it has meant for the dining hall and library
That has uplifted teachers’ and students’ spirits.
They are determined to work harder, do better this year.


     The Head Teacher of Mwika Primary School, Mw. Gibson Mlay, and a teacher read the
     message written on this website by one of the school alumni, Otto Regnald.

     They deeply appreciate your remembering your alma mater. Otto. They wish you all the
     best with your studies and look forward to your visiting the school to inspire the
    young ones to still study harder and follow your footsteps.


One Response to “Mwika Primary School Tables and Benches”

  1. otto regnald Says:

    Dearest teachers,

    Congratulation na poleni kwa majukumu. Here is your son who completed Standard 7 at your school years ago. Your guidance, both moral and academic, has helped me to reach where I am today. I have completed A’level with grade two and am waiting to hear about further studies in Weiberg University.

    I wish you, teachers and students, all the best. When I get time I’ll drop in to say hello and encourage students in their studies.

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